I'm Sandra!


I help people suffering from acneeczema, psoriasis, vitiligo and rosacea (or any other skin issues) heal their skin naturally from the inside out.


I suffered from psoriasis for 24 years. I lived with a constant itch, and a lot of the time I just wanted to crawl out of my own skin. I woke up several times every night because of the scratching and it was like a my body would never fully relax. And I honestly felt a bit insecure about my skin, especially when it came to dating. 


Everybody says that there’s no cure for psoriasis, but there was always a part of me that still believed that I could heal my skin, I just didn’t know how. So I spent almost 2 decades trying pretty much every single diet out there!


And here’s what I found…

There are so many different diets that claim that they can heal just about anything, but none of them are working. WHY?


Because they have no idea why we are sick in the first place! 


A lot of them claim that they do, but they don't. Notice how they often talk about the general state of the body, but never give any details to different diseases. It's because it's all a guessing game - and you are the guinea pig. It simply doesn't work, and is just a waste of your time. 


Most diets are also based on big LIES. Like diets for eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo and rosacea are based on the autoimmune theory that says that your body is attacking itself, which couldn’t be further from the truth. And diets for acne are based on the lie that your acne is hormonal, which is a load of crap.


I want you to know that your body is doing everything it can for you, every second of every day. There’s nobody who gives you more unconditional love. And still, it gets all the blame...


Some of the things I have tried are: alkaline diet, raw food diet, vegan diet, and anti-inflammatory diet. 


These diets will never work because the foundation is weak and faulty. They're not working on the root cause. They might make it a little bit better for a while, but they will never help you reach your end goal. They will never free you from the suffering of your skin condition. 


So what has worked for me?

It’s one thing, and one thing only. Following the Medical Medium lifestyle.


I started following his guidelines because he’s the ONLY one who has ever explained the root cause to psoriasis. To finally understand why I was sick was groundbreaking for me! And he not only provides us with the root cause, he also gives us the tools we need to change our situation. (The same goes for eczema, vitiligo, rosacea, and acne of course). 


Reading his books made me emotional (and I strongly recommend that you read them) and I just KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that it was all TRUE. I could feel it in my bones.


However, it was a lot of information to take in, and it honestly took me a long time to truly piece it all together and fully understand it. I made many mistakes in the beginning which set me back in my healing. This is very common because there’s just sooooo much to take in.

And let’s be transparent here. It’s just so effing hard to do it all yourself.


Which is why I’ve dedicated myself to this work, so you don’t have to do this all by yourself. I want your healing journey to be easier, shorter and more enjoyable than mine!


When you work with me: 

✔️ I’ll make sure you really understand the root cause of your skin condition.

✔️ I’ll help you understand what’s going to help you heal your skin from within.

✔️ I’ll guide you in how to apply these changes to your unique body and situation.


Sounds good, right? 


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I started my healing journey at the start of the pandemic, April 2020. I can't believe that I didn't take any pictures of my arms when I started, but I didn't. But please just trust me when I tell you that both of my forearms were covered. The skin was very dry, flakey and irritated. 


However, to my big surprise, the skin on my right forearm cleared up that summer of 2020. Completely gone. I couldn't believe it! It happened so quickly! 


With my left arm though, it has taken a lot longer...

Left arm - July 2021

Here I've already healed a lot of the original rash. I'm a little over a year into my healing journey, and have healed about 2/3 already. It has started to calm down and is not at all as dry, itchy and irritated as it used to be. 

Left arm - July 2022

This picture is taken exactly a year later, and there's just a tiny fraction of the original rash left. The skin is healing beautifully, and it's impossible to tell that it used to cover my whole forearm. Amazing!

Left arm - July 2023

Here the psoriasis is almost completely gone. The skin is still a bit red and dry, but it's flat, and I have to look closely to even see it now. The transformation is real and it's not long until I've healed it 100%.


I still have about 2% of my psoriasis left, but I hardly even notice it. The itching went away within the first year, and that made the biggest difference to my life. You would not in a million years be able to guess what my skin used to look like. It honestly feels like magic


For years my psoriasis just kept getting worse and worse, and it was spreading to new areas. To see it finally turn around and start to clear up, is one of the greatest joys of my life!


The day when I can say that I've healed my psoriasis 100% is not far away, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! I can feel it coming…




AGE: 46 (But feel like 35)

STAR SIGN: Gemini (You know: intelligent, quick and funny)

LIVES IN: Sweden (Finally appreciating my roots after years abroad)

MY SUPER POWER: Highly Sensitive Person (You can tell me anything, your energy will still tell me the truth)

USED TO: Work as a bartender at TGI Friday’s (Yes, just like Tom Cruise in Cocktail)

OBSESSED WITH: Learning new things (Oh, and watermelon, obviously)

FAVOURITE SPORT: Formula 1 (So exciting, but also best sound in the world to fall asleep to)

GIVES ME JOY: One Direction (Don’t fight me on this one, best boy band to ever exist)

IN LOVE WITH: My new skin (And the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie, obviously)


DREAMING OF: Owning land and growing my own food (And an infrared sauna)

MY #1 PRIORITY: My health (My goal is to feel younger and younger as I get older)

FAVOURITE EXERCISE: Rebounding (Or running barefoot on the beach)

YOU CAN CATCH ME: Singing and dancing every day (Really surprised my neighbours aren't complaining)

MY HAPPY PLACE: Beach or forest (Or just being at home)

MY LOVE LANGUAGE: Quality time (Put your phone down and give me all your attention, please)

SPENDING MONEY ON: Food, food, and food (My biggest investment in my health)

MY MISSION: Helping people realise they CAN heal their skin (And that food can be their medicine)

So how did I heal my skin?



(to actually work on the root cause in my body)


This basically means that I eliminated everything that kept me sick, and brought in lots of healing foods that are especially great for healing the skin. I focused on detoxing my liver, and I cared for my adrenal glands. I also added in the right supplements, and focused on emotional and spiritual healing.

Now, I'm guessing that the question is your head is:

How can I change my diet and stick to it?


Fair question. This is not an easy task, but this is how I look at it:


  • By truly understanding how different foods either help you heal or keep you sick. Once you understand how everything works on the inside, it’s a great motivator to stay away from the foods that contribute to your skin condition.


  • By changing your diet little by little. It has to be a slow and gradual process. I would never have even started if I was aiming for where I am now. No way in hell!


  • By being consistent with your diet, you will soon enough see your skin starting to clear up, and this is the biggest motivator to keep going. 


Changing my diet has been the biggest key for me and my skin. Without a doubt. And by changing your diet you will eventually see your skin transform. And then you will finally be able to move forward with all of your dreams without constantly feeling insecure when it comes to your skin. Isn’t that the real dream? To feel free in your body?

I am continuing to heal, and I honestly feel like I am healing a little bit more each and every day. It's an amazing feeling! The truth is that I'm not only healing my psoriasis. In fact, a lot of other things have changed in my body. When you truly heal on the inside, this is what happens. A lot can shift. What I have experienced so far is: 

  • age spots decreasing and disappearing
  • cleaner skin with more glow
  • no issues with my period
  • not losing as much hair
  • less hyperpigmentation
  • no urinary tract issues
  • feeling peaceful
  • straighter teeth
  • no body odour
  • stronger teeth
  • stronger nails
  • more energy
  • better breath
  • less cellulite
  • better focus
  • thicker hair
  • weight loss

I'm sure you want to see improvements with your skin too!

So which one are you - the newbie or the knowbie? 




If you’re totally new to the Medical Medium lifestyle, and you’re looking to get started on your healing journey, I recommend that you start with taking my free mini-course “You Can Heal Your Skin”. This is by far the best place to get started with healing your skin!


It’s free! What have you got to lose?


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If you’ve already applied some of the Medical Medium lifestyle, (or done the free mini-course and started implementing some of it) then I would recommend that you sign up for my coaching program, where we go deep and create a unique healing plan just for you.


Let all the hard work I’ve done help you!


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