I'm Sandra!


I was born and raised on the west coast of Sweden, and as soon as I graduated school I took off. I wanted to experience the world out there, and have lived in places like London, Stockholm and Mexico City.  

Now I'm back in Sweden, and I love it. I really appreciate the Swedish nature, being close to my family, and the four seasons I get to enjoy. 

I'm always dancing, singing, and trying new healthy recipes.  And I absolutely love working from the comfort of my own home.

My mission? To help people realise that healing is possible, and that food can be our medicine. I was born to help others heal their autoimmune disorders. Just as I have healed mine. 


I’m an Autoimmune Healing Coach, which means I help people reverse their autoimmune symptoms.

I specialise in autoimmune skin conditions, such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Vitiligo & Rosacea.

Healing Psoriasis


I've had psoriasis since I was 22 years old. It suddenly came from out of nowhere. At least, that's how it felt to me. My first patch was right above my pubic hair. The itching was very intense at times, and my skin was very dry, cracked and irritated.

A few years later I also got big patches on both of my underarms. The itching has been pretty much constant, and the actual scratching has woken me up from my sleep. There was just never a break from it.

It stayed the same, or it got worse, but I honestly never felt like it got better. Not until I started applying Medical Medium's teachings. That's when EVERYTHING changed. 

Today, 95% of my Psoriasis is gone! The skin has healed, it no longer itches, and you could never guess how it used to look for so many years. 

According to science and research, Psoriasis is just something that you have to live with. It's not possible to heal.  But here I am proving them wrong, and healing my Psoriasis naturally!

I started my Healing Journey at the start of the pandemic, April 2020. I can't believe that I didn't take any pictures of my arms when I started, but I didn't. I guess I part of me didn't think that I would actually heal. But trust me when I tell you that both of my underarms were covered. The skin was very dry, flakey and irritated. 

However, to my big surprise, the skin on my right underarm cleared up that summer of 2020. Completely gone. I couldn't believe it! It happened so quickly!

Left arm - July 2021

In this picture I've already healed a lot of the original rash. I'm about a year into my healing journey, and have healed about 2/3 already. It has started to calm down and is not at all as dry, itchy and irritated as it used to be. 

Left arm - July 2022

This picture is taken exactly a year later, and there's just a tiny fraction of the original rash left. The skin is healing beautifully, and it's impossible to tell that it used to cover my whole underarm. It won't be long until it's gone completely!


The skin above my pubic area is also healed completely, as of September 2022. What an amazing feeling! Nobody's seen it or been aware of it, but this is the area that has bothered me the most, and it's also the patch that I've had for the longest time.

I have made so many mistakes along the way. Mistakes that have hindered my healing. I'm sure that I could have healed faster, if I would have understood the bigger picture sooner. But I didn't. And to be honest, it's not a race. It's not a competition.

My healing might be slower than yours, or it might be quicker. It depends on how long you've had your skin condition, and how deep it is rooted in the liver. It also depends on how quickly you are comfortable with making lifestyle changes. It shouldn't be rushed. And really, who cares how long it takes? It doesn't matter, as long as healing is happening.

Overall Healing


I am continuing to heal, and I honestly feel like I am healing a little bit more each and every day. It's an amazing feeling! The truth is that I'm not only healing my psoriasis. In fact, a lot of other things have changed in my body. When you truly heal on the inside, this is what happens. A lot can shift. What I have experienced so far is: 

  • age spots decreasing and disappearing
  • no issues with my period
  • not losing as much hair
  • no urinary tract issues
  • thicker and shinier hair
  • cellulite almost gone
  • stronger intuition 
  • straighter teeth
  • stronger nails
  • more energy
  • cleaner skin
  • better breath
  • no body odour
  • stronger teeth
  • better focus
  • weight loss

Free Masterclass

Are you living with an autoimmune skin condition? If so, I'm pretty sure that you're quite fed up about it. I know what it's like. I've been there too. 

But if I can heal, so can you! It's not complicated. It takes dedication, sure. You need to care about your health and make that your priority. But just imagine the feeling of watching your skin clear up. And knowing that you're healing your body from the inside out. That this is just not temporarily relief, but a change that will last. How about that?

Does it sound too good to be true? It's not. It's happening to people all over the world on a daily basis. Do you want to be one of them? Then watch my Free Masterclass now, and get started on your Healing Journey!

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