My name is Sandra, and I help people heal their skin naturally, from the inside out. 

I work with clients all over the world, guiding them in healing their skin conditions (such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, rosacea etc)  with confidence.

I'm also very proud to say that I've healed 98% of the psoriasis I've lived with since I was 22 years old. I've managed to do so by changing diet and lifestyle, by following the guidelines of Anthony William, Medical Medium.

My mission? To help people realise that healing is possible, and that food can be our medicine!

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I have healed Psoriasis


I got psoriasis when I was 22 years old. It's a disease I've lived with for 24 years, so I know a thing or two about what it means to live with a skin condition. 

Today, 98% of my skin has cleared up. It has healed beautifully. All because I decided to follow the healing protocols by Medical Medium. It has truly changed my life!

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You can heal.

You deserve to heal.

I would love to show you how.

Listen to my Podcast


The "You Can Heal Your Skin" podcast is created for everyone who's suffering from any type of skin problems. And the message is clear: you can heal your skin!

My intention is to inspire you and motivate you to either get started or to continue your skin healing journey. I'm breaking down the MM-info so that it's  easier to understand, and I also share lots of my own experiences.

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At the moment I'm offering the "You Can Heal Your Skin" mini-course to you for free. Don't miss out! Sign up and make sure you set some solid foundations for your healing.

This free mini-course is the perfect kick-starter to your healing, and will allow your skin to begin to clear up, which means that you can finally come closer to the skin of your dreams.

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Are you feeling a bit stuck with your healing? Or maybe you're just longing for some guidance? Then this is for you. With the 1:1 coaching, I'll help you by creating a unique healing plan just for you. We'll adapt it to suit your body and your specific situation, and this is something we'll continually tweak and develop, as we continue to work together. 

My goal is to help you detox at a comfortable pace, and to help you feel very confident and calm in your healing journey. Invest in yourself and your health by signing up for my coaching program. 

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