Episode 16: The truth about about ageing and how to slow it down

Jan 10, 2024



In this podcast episode we're diving deep into the topic of ageing, and we explore the actual truth about ageing. We won't be talking about any of the myths and trends out there, instead we will talk about what is actually happening in your body as you're showing premature signs of ageing. 

In order to truly understand how to slow down the ageing process, we need to understand what it is that is making us age faster. 

I don't know about you, but I find this topic fascinating. We all want to look and feel young, right?

I'm not excluded from this at all, but I am determined to look my best and to achieve it naturally. I will never do plastic surgery or botox or micro needling or other stupid and harmful trends out there. I want to look young, but I want it to be 100% natural. And if you feel the same, then you should really listen to do this episode. 

Reversing and slowing down ageing naturally is possible. You just need to understand what is causing you to age faster and limit your exposure to that. It's not rocket science my friend. I hope you'll get inspired by this episode and that you'll jump on this reversing-age-train with me. 


Here's a glance at this episode: 

  • [02:08] Understanding the truth about the ageing process 
  • [09:34] 10 different groups of exposure that's making us age faster
  • [35:57] Signs that your liver is struggling
  • [37:52] What you can do to slow down ageing and look younger 
  • [44:48] My biggest inspiration for anti-ageing


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