Episode 17: How to manage travelling while healing

Feb 22, 2024



For those of you who have started your skin healing journey and might have been healing for a little while, you're probably very aware of the feeling of safety that your home gives you. When you're at home, when you're in your kitchen, you can control your day and your healing easily. And the thought of leaving home for an extended period of time can feel quite stressful. 

Some people feel like their lives have changed forever and that they will never be able to travel again. However, I don't agree with this. You might have to travel less for a while when you need to focus on your healing, but as you continue to heal your liver, your life will gradually change and you will get stronger and stronger. 

Some people worry what will happen to their skin if they leave the comfort of their own home. It can be quite stressful wondering how the body will react to the changes. You might not be in a place right now where travelling is the best option for you. Or it might be helpful for you to get a change of scenery and calm your nervous system down. 

I have felt a lot less desire to travel since I started healing my skin actually. It used to be my favourite thing to do, but now I'm just so happy being at home, focusing on my healing. Genuinely happy. 

However, I've slowly been starting to venture out of my comfort zone with short trips. And recently I went on a crazy road trip for 6 days, where I basically had no say in anything. It was mad. Haha! So I thought I would share my experience here with you, and give you some of my tricks on how to be able to travel while healing. 


Here's a glance at this episode: 

  • [01:23] How I usually travel
  • [02:44] What was different with this trip
  • [06:22] What I brought with me
  • [08:52] The issue with dinner
  • [18:53] The results of my trip
  • [20:12] Things I couldn't do while travelling
  • [20:42] What I did do
  • [23:53] My experience and how I felt
  • [27:19] Are you ready to go travelling?


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