Episode 6: Healing from Psoriasis - My personal Healing Story

Jul 26, 2023



In this week’s episode I’m sharing my own personal healing story. I’m opening up about my struggles with psoriasis and let you in on what it’s been like for me living with this skin condition. 

I’ll share different things that I’ve tried to heal my skin (hint: things that never worked). There’s been quite a few, and I’ve learnt a thing or two over the years. 

I’ll also tell you all about my transformative turning point and what actually (and finally) made a difference. This shifted my whole approach to healing and the way I look at health. 

I’m also reflecting back on mistakes I made in the beginning of my healing journey, and there’s quite a few…

Well, it’s been a journey for sure, and it has required A LOT of patience. But I’ve also learned so much about myself, and this healing journey has definitely made me a better person. Because it’s not just about healing the body or healing the skin, it's also a holistic journey of self-discovery and growth.

Tune in now to this special episode of "You Can Heal Your Skin". And please share this story with others who might need a little encouragement on their healing path. 

My biggest hope is that my journey somehow will inspire you to get started, or to keep going if you have already started. Nothing would make me happier than to know that I was a small piece of inspiration in your skin healing journey. 


Here's a glance at this episode: 

  • [01:23] When I first got psoriasis
  • [05:52] My first big shift
  • [08:44] Starting to try different diets
  • [15:00] What I found gave just a little bit of relief
  • [16:36] My introduction to Medical Medium
  • [19:43] Some stupid mistakes I made
  • [24:15] Shifting focus and deciding to be more strict with my diet
  • [25:21] Doing it all at my own pace
  • [27:03] My results from changing lifestyle
  • [29:06] The timeline of my healing
  • [32:09] How I look at the future
  • [35:07] What this healing journey has taught me


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