Episode 9: How long does it take to heal?

Sep 20, 2023



In this podcast episode, I answer the most common question I get: "How long does it take to heal?" 

Join me as I explore the healing journey of battling skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, and rosacea. I talk about the complex nature of healing, and why it's a unique and deeply personal experience for each person. I also talk about why the timeline is so different for everyone, and the importance of patience and perseverance on the path to beautifully healed skin.

I explore society’s pressure for quick fixes and instant results, which in my opinion does nothing but set us up for disappointment and failure. So whether you're on your own healing journey or simply seeking inspiration, this episode offers valuable insights and encouragement to get started or stay the course. Tune in for an episode that will empower you to embrace your healing journey, no matter how long it takes. 


Here's a glance at this episode: 

  • [01:33] Why it's different for everyone
  • [02:38] Why it takes time to heal
  • [05:46] It's all about turning the ship around
  • [08:01] Our obsession with quick results
  • [12:16] Does it really matter how long it takes?


Links mentioned in this episode:

 Free Mini-Course: "You Can Heal Your Skin"

 1:1 Coaching Program: "Skin Healing with Sandra"



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